Expansion in Lulu’s Chocolate!

Hello Beloved Fans! First of all I want to take a moment to thank all of you who comment on my blogs. Today I finally found out how to see the comments (I’m new to blogging) and have to admit I never knew there were any. In the swirl of making and shipping the chocolate I have not had quite enough time to blog and take care of connecting with my fans as much as I would like to. Till now….

The Lulu’s Chocolate team has just expanded and it feels amazing to have our new support! For so long it has been Edward, Peaches and myself doing absolutely everything here in Sedona. We are lucky to have Pixelface in Portland who designed our website and packaging and continues to make Lulu’s Chocolate so beautiful. Vince and Nicole to be part of this delicious dream team!

New flavors are also underway! More on that coming soon! Thanks again for your support as we couldn’t do it without YOU!

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