A Chocolate Journey…

Happy Autumn! Time has been flying by this year ~ each season greeting us with beauty, delight and new flavors of Lulu’s Chocolate Bars. I am taking this moment just to reflect on the journey it has been to begin this delicious business and watch it grow. It started with nothing more than my falling in love with a cacao tree in Hawaii and the excitement it brought, causing me to share chocolate I made each day with anyone around. Little did I then know that so many people would fall in love with those creations and a business would blossom. I am in deep gratitude for the unique life I lead and for how much joy it brings so many people that we do what we do. Chocolate covered hours spent each week feeling like an Oompa Loompa in our chocolate creation room, wrapping that chocolate and sending it into the world, days in our home office learning how to run all aspects of a business from scratch. What a journey! And it all started with one taste. I guess that is why our motto is just one taste and…..THE LOVE AFFAIR BEGINS!

We truly couldn’t do it without your support. I have such deep gratitude for YOU!

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