lulus Tree to Tongue

Our Story

While living together in Portland, Oregon, from 2006-2007,  partners Louise Sharpe and Gregory Pearlman took a trip to Hawaii. There they visited her sister Laura Sharpe who was professionally care-taking for Ram Dass on Maui.

Ram Dass introduced Laura to Raw Chocolate. Laura than began making her own recipes which would eventually become Lulu's Chocolate.

Louise started producing her sister's raw chocolate with Greg in their home in SE. Portland. Together they worked on improving Laura's recipies coming up with many flavors.

Greg did the company strategy, email campaign, logo, print design, web design and product packaging, and ran the ecommerce, previously having spent a year working on Steve Job's team at Apple branding products. Before Apple he was the Art Director at ID Inc. a branding company, which became 

Greg's design company is called Pixelface Creative Services.