I have tasted the future of raw chocolate

I have tasted the future of raw chocolate and it's name is Lulu's Chocolate. Organic, vegan perfection. This is the one we have been waiting for- a guilt free indulgence that does not at all compromise flavor for health. It has it all. Lulu's is the first bar on the market to use coconut palm sugar exclusively as a sweetener. Though new to the health food market, coconut sugar is destined to be huge, much bigger than agave. It is low-glycemic, inexpensive, sustainable, extremely delicious and very wholesome. It is the sap from a coconut palm tree!

The alchemy of Lulu's recipes embraces the subtle flavor of this sweetener and lends the spotlight to her phenomenal cacao. Lulu's Chocolate sources truly raw, organic cacao through Pacari farm in Ecuador. It is known all over the world that the Ecuadorian "Arriba" Nacional is a fine cacao flavor compared to many others. Why is it the finest flavor? The geography, climate, altitude, sun, soil, minerals and other unknown reasons. Grown on family farms and beyond fair trade, this cacao is smooth and sensual, bold but not bitter, satisfying to all the senses and truly everything cacao should be.
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Beautifully and sustainably packaged

Lulu's Chocolate bars are beautifully and sustainably packaged. The logo is a heart and the word LOVE appears on every ingredient panel. I must say, you can actually feel the LOVE in her creations. Beyond the flavor, this chocolate is undeniably uplifting to body, mind and spirit.

"Herbal Viagra"

Another up and coming "superfood" is Maca Root. It has been touted by many as the "herbal Viagra." This root is a long revered treasure of the Andes mountains, grown at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. For thousands of years it has been used for adrenal support, to balance hormones, provide strength, stamina, libido and mood enhancement. In addition to Lulu's 3 flavors of dark chocolate, her line includes 3 unique maca bars. Maca Love Bar is a bit of a twist on white chocolate. It has only cacao butter instead of solids but instead of the traditional milk powder Lulu uses maca root powder. It creates a beautiful "blonde" chocolate with a delicious buttery, toffee, caramel flavor.

Activate Your Superpowers!

There is also a green version of this bar that packs in the protein and power of spirulina and mesquite. The tag line on the package reads "Activate Your Superpowers" and it sure does. The dark chocolate line includes the exotic Coconut Cin Bar. Ribbons of pure white coconut lay beautifully on top of a dark cinnamon and vanilla infused 75% cacao bar. If you prefer pure simplicity, the Raw Love Bar is as smooth and creamy as it gets. Vanilla bean dancing in luscious 78% cacao. RAW FOOD WORLD is the biggest raw food website in the world. Their blog about Lulu's Chocolate is great, they say Lulu's Chocolate makes the best raw chocolate bars in existence.

Actually, writing this article has worked up quite the craving that only Lulu's Chocolate can fulfill. So I sign off now to go purchase one or maybe ten Lulu's Chocolate Bars and I suggest you do the same.

You can thank me later.
- reviewed by Gregory Prawda

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